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Research Days 2014

Research Days 2014 was held on Tuesday, April 1 and Wednesday, April 2.

Day 1 focused on arts, business, education, engineering, humanities, law, mathematics, sciences and other topics from undergraduate and graduate students.

Day 2 focused on health and medicine topics, including presenters from the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Milken Institute School of Public Health, the School of Nursing, the Biomedical Engineering Program, and the Institute for Biomedical Science.

Abstract Book


We Share Science Participants (Day 1)

Several GW students participating in Research Days 2014 also participated in the We Share Science 5-Minute On-line Science Fair. Below are the students that participated and the links to their videos. Enjoy!

Video announcement of 2014 Poster Winners

Day 1 Poster Winners

Undergraduate Presenters

Social Sciences

1 – Brady Baldwin (121)
2 – Lauren Rosalanko (3)
Psych 1:
1 – Hillary Hecht (132)
2 – Sonja Manning (143)
Psych 2:
1 – Sam Lyons (142)
2 – Anushka Gokhale (129)
1 – Kelly Quinn (150)
2 – Hunter Scott (155)

Humanities / Creative Arts

1 – Katherine Bradshaw (18)
2 – Robin Pokorski (41)

International Affairs

1 – Jesse Schaffer (53)
2 – Caitlin Keliher (137)

Natural Sciences: Biological Sciences

1 – Rebecca Prather (74)
2 – Preethi Golconda (71)

Natural Sciences: Molecular / Cellular

1 – Emmeline Ha (78)
2 – Daniel Foreman (74)

Natural Sciences: Physical Science

1 – Milica Taskovic (112)
2 – April Brisky (23)

Graduate Presenters

Tie for First Place
William Rone, School of Engineering and Applied Science - Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering: "Engineering Biomimetic Robotic Tails for Agile Maneuvering of Field Mobile Robots"

Rebecca Ella Biermann, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences - Anthropology: "A Virtual Past?: Accuracy of 3D Modeling in Archaeological Applications"

Tse-Huai Wu, School of Engineering and Applied Science - Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering: "Vision-based Spacecraft Attitude Formation Control"

Monica Ventura, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences - Art Therapy: "An Art Therapy Study of Cultural Differences in Normative Graphic Features of Artwork"

Honorable Mentions
Erin Adkins, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences - Chemistry: "Experimental Determination of Optical Band Gaps for Soot in Nitrogen-diluted, Ethylene/Air Non-premixed Flame"
Susana Carvalho, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences - Anthropology: "Did Tool Use Come Before Archaeology?

Day 2 Poster Winners

Institute for Biomedical Sciences (IBS)

Tied for First Place
Kelsey Sugrue (mentor: Dr. Irene Zohn): "Nodal Cilia Functions to Robust Nodal Activation During Left-Right Axis Formation"
Lindsay Garvin (mentor: Dr. Mary Rose): "Role of Inflammatory Transcription Factors and the Glucocorticoid Receptor in the Repression of MUC5AC Gene Expression by VBP15"

Second place
Jelena Perovanovic (mentor: Dr. Eric Hoffman): "Nuclear Envelope is important for Myogenic Epigenomic Developmental Programs and Normal Cell Fate"

Milken Instuitue School of Public Health

Masters Students
Miriam Tesfahun: "Estimating the prevalence of female genital mutilation (FGM) in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia (DMV). To also examine OB/GYN and midwives knowledge and attitude on FGM and their level of preparedness when encountering these patients"

Doctoral Students
Maya Tuchman Gerstein: "Preventative health care for adolescents with and without special health care needs: an analysis of two rival frameworks"

Biomedical Engineering

Undergraduate Presenters
1st place - Daina Brooks: "A comparison of the effects of acetylcholine and bisphenol A on the left ventricular pressure and contractility of the heart"
2nd place - Elizabeth Hubler: "Evaluation of synthetic self-oscillating models of the vocal folds"
3rd place - Michael Leggiero: "Dynamical systems characterization of fluid flow in a curved artery model under pulsatile forcing"

Graduate Presenters
1st place - Anastasia Wengrowski: "Optically mapping the effects of light-activated norepinephrine release from cardiac sympathetic neurons"
2nd place - Nathan Castro: "3D printed bioactive nanostructured scaffolds for osteochondral regeneration"
3rd place - Benjamin Holmes: "Enhanced mechanical and cytocompatibility properties of novel 3D printed osteochondral scaffolds"

School of Medicine and Health Sciences

1st Place - Robin Stiller
2nd Place - Lindsay Marszal
3rd Place - Samantha Ahle