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Abstract Writing & Submission

Presenting at Research Days

Research that is presented at Research Days should either be in progress now or recently completed. In instances where conclusions are unknown, presenters may state that research is ongoing.

The research must have been conducted during the participant’s time at GW. “Recent” is generally accepted to mean within the last 12 months, however there is no set time limit. Research that is conducted during your GW study abroad experience may also be presented. Research completed outside of GW will be accepted if it was completed during your time at GW.

Tips for Writing Abstracts

Typically, an informative abstract answers the following questions in 150‐400 words.

  1. Why did you undertake this study or project?
  2. What did you do and how?
  3. What did you find?
  4. What do your findings mean?

We ask all Research Days participants to limit their abstracts to a maximum of 400 words. Abstracts should not include figures, tables or references.

Abstract Examples

Examples can be found in the Abstract Booklets from previous Research Days. The abstracts are sorted by category so that you can view examples relevant to your area of research.

Mentor Review and Approval

We recommend that you ask your research advisor/mentor to review and approve your abstract before you submit it. However, the Research Days Organizing Committee will not need verification of this approval.

Your advisor/mentor can be any faculty member that is either working with you or supervising your research. They do not need to be a GW faculty member.

Upon submitting your abstract, a notification will be sent to your advisor/mentor at the email address you provide on the submission form.

Abstract Submission

All undergraduate students should submit an abstract for Research Day 1, including Biomedical Engineering undergraduates. Everyone who is enrolled in the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Milken Institute School of Public Health, Institute for Biomedical Sciences and School of Nursing should submit an abstract for Research Day 2. For all others, please select the day that best matches your category.

Each primary presenter may submit only one abstract. The primary presenter must be listed as the first author or a co-author for the abstract submission. Even though you may not present multiple posters at Research Days, you may be listed as an author on multiple abstracts.

Abstract Acceptance

Within 7-10 days of the abstract deadline you will receive an email confirmation that your abstract has been accepted. Accepted abstracts will be included in an abstract booklet that is posted to the Research Days website. Your abstract title will be included in materials given to attendees on the day of your poster presentation.

Archiving Your Abstract

Presenters have the option of archiving their abstract and poster in one of GW's institutional repositories:

There are a number of benefits to submitting your work to the repositories:

  • Link to your poster on your CV and job applications
  • Make your poster discoverable via Google Scholar
  • Store your poster in a persistent digital archive
  • Share your poster with a global research audience

To opt-into this benefit of Research Days, check the appropriate box on the abstract submission form.