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Day of Presentation

Check-in and Poster Set-up

Please see the Schedule of Events page for the full GW Research Days agendas.

Poster presentations are held on the 3rd floor of the Marvin Center in the Grand and Continental Ballrooms.

When you arrive with your poster, you will check-in at the registration table to receive your name badge and be given your assigned number. The number corresponds to a reserved spot on a display board in one of the two ballrooms where you will hang your poster. Generally, posters will be organized by category or school to make it easier for attendees to browse related research and scholarship.

Poster hanging supplies will be provided (thumbtacks for posters and adhesive velcro dots for posterboards). Volunteers will circulate to help and may ask if you’d like assistance.

Please note that the walkways between posters can be narrow which prevents the placement of tables or other large items near your poster.

Posters on display at Research Days.

Poster Presentation Preparation and Format

The primary medium for presenting your research is a poster. Some participants have utilized tablets to display video or multimedia, handed-out copies of publications and handouts, or used other props.

Presenters should be prepared to give a 2-3 minute presentation to judges and other interested attendees.


Judging will occur during each day’s poster presentation period. Given the number of presenters, we are not able to tell you a specific time when judges will visit your poster. Each presenter should be available and at their poster for the entire presentation period. (The full presenters’ schedule is emailed and posted each spring.)

If you are not available during the poster presentation time frame, a co-presenter may present the poster or the poster will be judged on its own merit.

The number of times your poster and oral presentation is judged will depend on a few factors:

Your status at the university

All student presenters (undergraduate and graduate students on Day 1; and medical, nursing, public health and biomedical engineering students on Day 2) will have their posters and oral presentations evaluated by judges. On Day 1, this judging is organized around the abstract category and your status (undergraduate versus graduate). On Day 2, judging is organized by which school, department or institute you are affiliated with.

Please also be aware that some abstract categories may get combined during judging depending on the number of submissions.

If you opted-into any of the special prize categories

You may be visited by additional panels of judges if you opted-into, and were accepted into, other special categories. Postdocs, faculty, staff and alumni may be eligible for judging in the special categories. You will receive a confirmation email from the sponsor of the special category to let you know that your project is eligible and will be judged. See the page on special prizes for more information on eligibility.

Poster Removal

Presenters should remove their posters at the end of the poster presentation session. If you need to leave the event early, please ask a friend to pick up your poster at the end of the session.